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Dorset for Europe is a group of local people who passionately believe that the UK should maintain a close and progressive relationship with the EU.

Leave or Remain, nobody voted for the mess we’re in. The pound is down. Prices are up. Companies are leaving the UK. Democracy is under threat. It is now abundantly clear that the government cannot deliver on its promises and that the Brexit we’re getting is nothing like that promised in the referendum. 

Join us and together we can hold our ‘elected’ politicians to account and focus on healing the divisions in the country and address the problems in our society that led to Brexit. 

Dorset for Europe is a grassroots organisation, founded in 2016 to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. In line with the new political reality since December 2019, the group has agreed to focus on four major issues of continuing concern.

Maintaining Strong Links with the EU 

Brexitwatch: Holding the Government to Account

Addressing the Democratic Deficit

EU Citizens Rights

We are proud to announce the launch of West Country Bylines, a digital online newspaper for our region, covering Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We at Dorset for Europe are working in collaboration with other regional groups so that WCB reflects the voices of ordinary West Country men and women, people from all walks of life who may have lost faith in much of our mainstream media as a way of representing their views. You can access it on Facebook, Twitter  (@WCountryBylines) or directly on the West Country Bylines website.

Join us at the Euro Café!

Euro Cafés are a great place to come together. You may be an EU27 national or a pro-European UK citizen, or from somewhere else entirely. We provide a space to find support, information and chat.

Euro Cafés are popping up all over the country, and each one is organised by a local grass roots group, many of which are branches of the European Movement.

For more info visit

Note. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Euro Cafés may not be operating. We hope to be up and running again when restrictions lift.


1 month ago
"Brexit and Fascism: heed the warning signs while you still can, Mr Mangnall" - a constituent writes to his MP - West Country Bylines

"Brexit and Fascism: heed the warning signs while you still can, Mr Mangnall" - a constituent writes to his MP
... See more

Anthony Mangnall M.P. House of Commons London SW1A 0AA                                                                  26 October ... See more

1 month ago
Revealed: $280m ‘dark money’ spent by US Christian right groups globally

This is very scary. Revealed: $280m ‘dark money’ spent by US Christian right groups globally

Lawmakers say scale of spending – particularly by Trump’s lawyers and allies – is ‘alarming,' and call for urgent action to increase transparency.

1 month ago
James J Dart

Police told home secretary of alleged far-right attack on law firm *before* her ‘inflammatory’ speech at Tory conference.

Q. Where is the outrage among the right-wing commentariat/press about ... See more

1 month ago

The three blusterers.

1 month ago

1 month ago
Timeline of a Tory PR disaster - the free school meals debacle - West Country Bylines

Excellent new piece by Sadie Parker, the timeline of that Tory PR disaster.

“Short of drowning a basket of puppies live on air, I can’t think of a worse communications fail.” No, that wasn’t me. That was Sarah Vine in the Mail on Sunday in a column entitled, “How ... See more

1 month ago
The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter

This is outstandingly powerful. The next few weeks will become very interesting across the pond.
The effect of the outcome, also influential here in Europe.

“One of those rare videos during an election cycle that leaves you quiet and still in the silence after it ends.

1 month ago
How We Got Trump Voters to Change Their Mind

Interesting article.

Our persuasion rate is much higher than that of traditional electioneering efforts.

1 month ago
Emmanuel Macron

This from France, Emmanuel Macron.

Samuel Paty est devenu vendredi le visage de la République, de notre volonté de briser les terroristes, de réduire les islamistes, de vivre comme une communauté de citoyens libres dans notre ... See more

1 month ago
James J Dart

This nicely makes the point, many do not know what it is to be hungry, many would not believe it can happen in the UK, where it often appears that over indulgence is the main issue.
What comfort can ... See more

Empty plates left outside the Southend Tory HQ and Conservative club. 🍽 🍽 🍽

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