Latest Campaigns

The Davis Downside Dossier

In October 2016, then Brexit Secretary David Davis famously told the House of Commons that “… there will be no downside to Brexit at all, and considerable upsides”.

Since the UK left the EU, Yorkshire Bylines has been compiling a list of all the negative consequences of Brexit on all aspects of life in the UK. There are already over 1,000 such downsides recorded, and the list is still growing.

Click here to forward a PDF copy of the first 1,000 entries of the Davis Downside Dossier to your MP. For a greater impact, in your accompanying message, why not any personal stories of ways in which you and your family (and/or business) have been damaged by Brexit?

Petition: Do Not Leave the European Convention on Human Rights

In order to limit the rights of asylum seekers, pressure is growing from hard right wingers for the UK to leave the ECHR.

Such a move would serve not only to jeopardise the human rights of everyone in the UK, but would also set a dangerous precedent for other nations to undermine the international rules-based order established in the wake of World War Two.

Sign this important petition here.

May 2023: Update on the Save Our Standards Campaign

On 10 May 2023, the government announced that it is scrapping the proposed ‘sunset clause’ from the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, which would have automatically revoked most retained EU law at the end of 2023.

This is good news in that the self-imposed cliff edge has been averted. However, the risk to our rights and standards remains, since the government still intends to implement a ‘revocation schedule’ for at least 600 retained EU laws. Please see this useful summary from the Law Society.

Therefore, the campaign to ‘Save Our Standards’ continues, with the aim of protecting the EU-based standards and regulations that safeguard our environment, food quality and workers’ rights. Sign the petition here.

European Movement

Has your business been negatively impacted by Brexit?

Tell your story by completing the European Movement UK’s Business Impact Survey. Share the survey with your friends and family, in your networks and with businesses in your local area. 

The National Campaign for a Public Inquiry into the Consequences of Brexit

Many of us signed the petition calling for a public inquiry into the consequences of Brexit. With a total of 216,804 signatories, the petition was in the top 1% of the largest petitions ever created in the UK. You can read the government’s response and watch the resulting parliamentary debate on the UK Parliament website.

The Brexit Inquiry Campaign will now move into its next phase, with a civil society outreach programme to raise awareness of the need for a full public inquiry into the government’s handling of Brexit and its consequences for the UK and its citizens. There are also plans for a new parliamentary initiative.

Keep up to date on the campaign here.