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Boris Johnson may have sidestepped democracy to implement his damaging and selfish Brexit, but we can hold our heads up high. Ours is the moral victory.

We may have lost the battle, but there’s still much to be done, and Dorset For Europe isn’t giving up. We are working and campaigning for a closer relationship with Europe and working hard to protect our hard-fought democracy from the likes of Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson. 

Get social!

Everyone can do this, it’s quick, easy and fits in with your daily routine – and the more effort you put in the greater the results. But there are a few tips:

Use Facebook to engage with friends, family and others. ‘Like’ our Facebook page, and those of other pro-EU groups. The important thing is that you engage with what’s going on. So you need to share posts you find interesting, comment and like others’ comments too. This helps spread the reach of our posts and hugely increases the number of people hearing our message. Strike up conversations with people and share your thoughts. We do suggest that you check your facebook privacy settings though to make sure there’s no information visible that you’re not happy with. It’s up to you if you want to engage with pro-brexiters, but we’d suggest you don’t ‘feed the trolls’ – this can be a thank less task. We Block abusive people from Dorset For Europe’s Facebook page, but they do slip through from time to time.

Twitter is the best place to reach politicians and other serious news and campaigning groups. It is rare to get a reply from your MP, but they do monitor their Twitter feed more than you’d think. There are a few trolls on Twitter, but not as many as Facebook. To get noticed by your MP, on their profile page set your phone to notify you when they make a post, then comment on it quickly for maximum exposure. You can always find a Brexit angle to any story. Tweet Boris Johnson and your MP together as many times a day as you like, but be short and to the point. Don’t be rude or you’ll get blocked and the game will be over.

Write to your MP

This can be as quick or time consuming as you like, but it’s another essential campaigning tool. You can write as many times as you like, and it’s very quick to do this online using websites like It’s important to give your name, address and postcode so you can be identified as a constituent, this adds weight to your letter.


No one likes asking for money, but everything we do is by donation. £200 gets us 10,000 leaflets, or a really good facebook advertising campaign. Any donations are hugely appreciated – the money goes a long way and it really does work. Donate here!

A few links to help you:

Hey MP!
Ask your MP to vote down Brexit, Send postcards to your MP, print local posters and more
See how many people in each constituency signed the petition to revoke Article 50 so far – and check the reaction of their MPs.

Search by your address or postcode to see some of the EU investments and other contributions near you
Voice message your MP for a final say

Compare The Brexit
See how Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement compares to a no deal Brexit or remaining in the EU

Can I Move To Barcelona?
Find out if you can move to Barcelona and other European cities

Love EU
Show you love your town, you love the UK, and you love the EU by printing a poster or posting to your profile page

EU Worth It
How much do you contribute to EU membership?

Talk About Brex
A Remainer’s guide to discussing Brexit with friends and family

An excellent Brexit news site.

It Costs EU
How much do you think it costs you to be in the EU?

Save Our Future
Share the #RevokeArticle50 petition to your friends on WhatsApp and spread the word outside of social media.

See all the Brexit-related official petitions, their votes, maps and graphs on one site.

3 things you can do today!

Write to your MP

Tell them what you think of Brexit and what you’d like them to do about it

Like our Facebook page

You’ll find all the up-to-date information. Like, Share and Comment our posts


We are run by volunteers and need funds for to maintain our campaigning

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