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Dorset for Europe is a group of local people who passionately believe that the UK should remain part of the EU.

Leave or Remain, nobody voted for the mess we’re in. The pound is down. Prices are up. Companies are leaving the UK. Democracy is under threat. It is now abundantly clear that the government cannot deliver on its promises and that the Brexit we’re likely to get is nothing like that promised in the referendum. 

Join us and together we can hold our ‘elected’ politicians to account and focus on healing the divisions in the country and address the problems in our society that led to Brexit. 

Dorset for Europe is a grassroots organisation, founded in 2016 to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. In line with the new political reality since December 2019, the group has agreed to focus on four major issues of continuing concern.

Maintaining Strong Links with the EU 

Brexitwatch: Holding the Government to Account

Addressing the Democratic Deficit

EU Citizens Rights


Staying close to the EU – What are the priorities, options and actions?

Sadly this event has been cancelled due to the developing Covid-19 health crisis. We hope to run a similar event in the future, please bear with us.

Giuseppe Camero


Martin Horwood
Former Liberal Democrat MEP, South West and Gibralter 

Clare Moody
Former Labour MEP, South West and Gibralter 

Professor Darren Lilleker
Bournemouth University

Professor Jens Holscher
Bournemouth University

6.30pm Doors open

7pm Welcome:  Tim Joyce (Co-Chair, Dorset for Europe)

 7.05 – 8pm Panel speakers (10 minutes each) to identify recommended priorities and how we can put them into action

 8.00 – 8.15 Break

 8.15 – 9pm Questions from the floor and discussions

Join us at the Euro Café!

Euro Cafés are a great place to come together. You may be an EU27 national or a pro-European UK citizen, or from somewhere else entirely. We provide a space to find support, information and chat.

Euro Cafés are popping up all over the country, and each one is organised by a local grass roots group, many of which are branches of the European Movement.

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