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Dorset for Europe is a group of local people who passionately believe that the UK should remain part of the EU.

Leave or Remain, nobody voted for the mess we’re in. The pound is down. Prices are up. Companies are leaving the UK. Democracy is under threat. It is now abundantly clear that the government cannot deliver on its promises and that the Brexit we’re likely to get is nothing like that promised in the referendum. 

Join us and together we can hold our ‘elected’ politicians to account and focus on healing the divisions in the country and address the problems in our society that led to Brexit. 

Dorset for Europe is a grassroots organisation, founded in 2016 to campaign for the UK to remain in the EU. In line with the new political reality since December 2019, the group has agreed to focus on four major issues of continuing concern.

Maintaining Strong Links with the EU 

Brexitwatch: Holding the Government to Account

Addressing the Democratic Deficit

EU Citizens Rights

We are proud to announce the launch of West Country Bylines, a digital online newspaper for our region, covering Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. We at Dorset for Europe are working in collaboration with other regional groups so that WCB reflects the voices of ordinary West Country men and women, people from all walks of life who may have lost faith in much of our mainstream media as a way of representing their views. You can access it on Facebook, Twitter  (@WCountryBylines) or directly on the West Country Bylines website.

Join us at the Euro Café!

Euro Cafés are a great place to come together. You may be an EU27 national or a pro-European UK citizen, or from somewhere else entirely. We provide a space to find support, information and chat.

Euro Cafés are popping up all over the country, and each one is organised by a local grass roots group, many of which are branches of the European Movement.

For more info visit

Groups of Interest

Changing the political system
National movement for proportional representation.
‘We campaign for your democratic rights and a democracy fit for the 21st century. We work across the political divide with all the parties and civil society to put voters at the heart of British politics.’
‘We’re building a movement of people from all corners of the UK who will demand a democratic society that centres equality and justice for all. We demand that the values we collectively share are enshrined in a new constitution that is built and owned by all of us. The new constitution will set out what rights and freedoms should be protected, and what the government can and can’t do in our name.’

Holding politicians to account
‘The Good Law Project is a not-for-profit membership organisation that uses the law to protect the interests of the public. We fight cases that defend, define or change the law and we use litigation to engage and educate. We challenge abuses of power, exploitation, inequality and injustice. We are a bold, young organisation with a ground-breaking track record. We speak the truth and act with integrity.’
‘March for Change is a campaigning organisation all about citizen empowerment in the political issues of the day. We work with grassroots local groups and partner campaigns to make sure politicians are putting public concerns first.

‘Join us as we campaign for a public inquiry into the UK government handling of coronavirus, for openness and transparency in politics, for defence against a damaging Trump deal, for protecting our high British–European standards, and for rebuilding our collaborative relationship with our European neighbours.’

Political party specific
‘LCER is a network of Labour members and supporters campaigning for the Labour Party to back the introduction of a more proportional voting system. We believe the current voting system (First Past the Post) is unfair, outdated and not fit for purpose. We want to see FPTP replaced with a voting system in which everyone’s vote counts, seats are allocated broadly in proportion to the votes cast, and the link is maintained between MPs and their constituents.’
‘As pro-Labour, pro-European activists, we now need to be realistic and pragmatic when we look at the road ahead. But we don’t need to forget what we believe in and what we want to fight for. In the short to medium term, we need to fight to keep Britain as close to Europe as possible. In the longer term, we can focus on bigger goals.’
Volt UK is the UK branch of Volt Europa (, a pan-European political movement, which has branches and affiliated political parties across the EU, including an elected MEP from Germany.

‘Founded in 2017 by three Europeans from France, Germany and Italy in the light of the Brexitreferendum and the rise of populist movements, Volt was born as a pan-European movement and party aimed to push for a more progressive, pragmatic, evidence-based policy approach to transnational issuessuch as populism, discrimination, social and economic inequality, corruption and climate change.

‘Volt is the first successful pan-European political movement, focused on empowering citizens in politics for a Europe based on a strong political union between the European nations, where risks are shared and benefits reach everyone, not just a few. Through a grassroots approach to politics, and community-organising initiatives, we are connecting and enabling communities, at local and national level, to become empowered and fight for a better future.’

Maintaining links to the EU
‘We are a grassroots organisation, with a community of tens of thousands of activists and 126 local groups across every nation and region of the UK.

‘We are an independent all-party pressure group campaigning for a close relationship with the European Union, and to ensure that European values, standards and rights are upheld in British law post-Brexit.’
‘Following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, four members of the European Parliament – Katarina Barley, Nathalie Loiseau, Terry Reintke and Radosław Sikorski – have decided to establish the UK Friendship Group. Non-partisan, hence open to all MEPs and former British MEPs, the UK Friendship Group is dedicated to maintaining strong links between citizens both from the EU and the UK.

‘Through regular exchange and various events, the UK Friendship Group aims at giving a space for debate to citizens, experts, civil society and politicians on subjects that matter both to EU and UK citizens regarding their rights, their future and the future relationship.’
‘Since its formation in 2018, the purpose of grassroots for Europe has been to coordinate, strengthen and provide a voice for grassroots pro-remain / pro-EU campaigns in the UK and for UK citizens in the EU.

‘We will continue to focus on the needs and capabilities of grassroots pro-EU groups, seeking to ensure their fullest joint contribution in a wider collaborative campaign setting, now additionally served by a national team of elected officers, organised democratically and adequately resourced to fulfil our role.

‘Grassroots for Europe is committed to providing a body and a voice for those working through local campaign groups towards restoring the UK’s rightful place in the European family of nations. We will fulfil this goal by:

  • campaigning for the UK to have the closest possible relationship with the European Union, including, as soon as possible, by re-joining the European Union;
  • actively engaging with the EU–UK Friendship Group of the European Parliament as well as official agencies and other cooperation channels;
  • identifying, exposing and publicising the adverse consequences of Brexit as they arise, particularly highlighting the effects of new trade agreements (or of their absence) and their impacts on UK communities and businesses;
  • resisting and reversing the damaging effects which pro-Brexit campaigns and policies have already inflicted on our democracy and on social cohesion, securities, rights and freedoms;
  • championing our European identity and the values of the European Union, including the promotion of peace, prosperity, equality, solidarity, democracy, human rights, the environment and the rule of law;
  • promoting and giving practical demonstration of European solidarity and shared values, by encouraging grassroots pan-European dialogue, friendship and collaboration at the level of civil society, economies, science and culture;
  • defending the rights of European Union citizens in the UK and UK citizens living in the European Union; and
  • promoting a greater understanding of the UK’s historic, present and future interdependence with the other countries of Europe.

‘Grassroots for Europe is a network of over 250 local pro-EU campaign groups. Our aim is to support the activities of all groups, regardless of affiliation, by sharing knowledge and expertise, facilitating links between groups and their members, and backing innovative grassroots campaign initiatives.’
‘Having left the EU, our mission is to keep the UK strongly connected to our nearest neighbours by campaigning for the closest possible future relationship with Europe. We advocate on behalf of internationalist voices that make the case for Europe and Britain’s engagement in the world.

‘We amplify the voice of people and business on our future relationship with Europe, from trade and migration, to other issues such as food standards and human rights.

‘We provide internationalist MPs in political parties across the spectrum and government, and relevant third-party organisations, with insights and analysis to foster a pragmatic and open dialogue within Westminster and between the UK and Europe during the transition period.

‘We advocate for a Brexit that secures our future as a prosperous and outward-looking nation.

‘We arm our stakeholders with the most accurate and trusted data and constituency-level public opinion insight, to improve decision making and we seek to protect and strengthen Britain’s interests and global influence, by encouraging and convening cross-party and cross-border cooperation.

‘Our belief is that an open and inclusive society is best achieved by the UK retaining its internationalist values, ensuring protections and opportunities that mirror those in the EU.
‘New Europeans is an award-winning civil rights movement working for a Europe of citizens – a democratic Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights.

‘We work in Europe and internationally from our base at the Brussels Press Club. We are active in the EU, as well as in the United Kingdom, Belarus, the Ukraine and North America.

‘To take the European project to the next level we need to work on the foundations – rule of law, human rights, solidarity and democracy. This is the current focus of our work.’

Current projects and campaigns include:

  • asylum and migration;
  • continuing to fight for the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU through the #EUGreenCard and #DeniedMyVote campaigns;
  • the rule of law in Poland;
  • media freedom in Hungary; and
  • the European Health Union.

Online discussions and webinars are held regularly on various topics:

  • Europe Future Fringe – ‘Join the conversation about the future of Europe through our collaboration with Europe Future Forum, VolontEurope, VoxEurop and others, energising the debate on the future of Europe.’
  • The Tuesday Conversation – ‘Take part in conversations between Europeans that inform, inspire and entertain, moderated by communications expert Povl Henningsen.’
  • The Friday Casebook – ‘Looking at individual civil rights cases and how Europe can help.’
  • Reflections on the Future of Europe – ‘A series of online presentations and expert discussions on issues to do with citizenship, democracy and identity in Europe.’

Also, a fab online shop for pro-EU merchandise, including clothing:
‘Stay European is a UK-based grassroots campaign for individual EU citizenship. It is an independent campaign, not set up by any pre-existing pro-European group, but hoping to work collaboratively with all. Stay European was established in January 2020 and has gathered over 100,000 supporters so far. Our campaign is run by volunteers and has no staff members.’
‘The campaign to re-join the European Union. Our aim is to take the UK back to its rightful place at the very heart of the European Union.

‘This campaign is not about disrespecting democracy – it is about promoting it. We believe the referendum itself was undemocratic, a fact evidenced by numerous ongoing legal disputes regarding over-spending and outright lying by the Leave campaign. Leave was a campaign based largely on lies, deceit and hate. Ours is a campaign with much more potent founding pillars: love, respect and truth.’
‘Another Europe is Possible was formed in February 2016 to campaign for a Remain position in the EU referendum from a specifically left, progressive perspective. We came together from across the spectrum of the progressive left, working across party-political lines to campaign for democracy, human rights and social justice.

‘Brexit is a national disaster for Britain, but it is not a ‘British problem’. All over Europe faith in the project of unity has eroded. Free-market thinking has dominated EU institutions for too long. Many people no longer have faith in the capacity of European democracies to deliver social justice by working together for the common good.

‘To rebuild this hope, the EU requires radical and far-reaching reform, breaking with austerity economics and pioneering a radically new development strategy. That’s why we are actively working together with international partners, such as European Alternatives, to campaign for political change across the continent.’
An initiative operated by UKPEN Ltd to establish a national database of pro-EU supporters, in line with data protection legislation, which can be accessed by pro-EU organisations in their future campaign work. By signing the register you agree to your data being shared with UKPEN-linked national and regional pro-EU organisations, a list of which is accessible on the website.

Alternative media / non-UK-based news sources
‘Byline Times is run by a small, dedicated team of journalists providing a platform for freelance reporters and writers to produce fearless journalism not found in the mainstream media.’
‘We are an international news media, providing news with a European perspective to a worldwide audience through 12 cross-platform editions, of which 9 with distinct TV channels.

‘Our mission is to empower people to form their own opinion. We trust in people’s intelligence and ability to make up their own mind and seek to provide our audience with the greatest diversity of viewpoints through journalism that is unapologetically impartial.

‘We don’t trade in bias and outrage; we focus on facts, ideas, and solutions.’
‘Europe Street News is an online magazine covering citizens’ rights in Europe. Launched in August 2016 to inform EU nationals in the UK and British residents in the rest of the EU about their changing status in the context of Brexit, Europe Street News covers, through a website and a newsletter, everything related to EU rights and freedom of movement in the European Union. It is a unique source of information for anyone interested in a European perspective on the changing relationship between the UK and the European Union.’
West Country Bylines is a regional online newspaper that supports citizen journalism. Our aim is to publish well-written, fact-based articles and opinion pieces on subjects that are of interest to people in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. In so doing, we seek to demonstrate democracy in action by giving a voice to local people and holding our elected representatives to account.’

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